About Me

---^ That would be me, Katie (on a good hair day!). I'm 24 and reside in Indianapolis and love it to pieces. I am a student studying Internet Marketing and Graphic Design and I sell a brand of makeup called mark. You can check out my eboutique here! This blog is a place for updates on my Etsy/website and also a personal blog. You will find a mix of posts varying from a quick update on my life to a new item I've happily listed on Etsy. You can find my Etsy here and my in-the-works website here. Right now Etsy is kind of my life...it's my main source of income and I just plain enjoy it. I do mostly graphic design stuff...invitations, announcements, thank you cards, business cards, banners, stationery, etc. But I also sell charms, which you can find here on my blog for purchase. They are the same price as on Etsy but I don't have to pay Etsy fees if I sell here ;) Right now I am job hunting for a design position but mainly I am just looking for employment period.

I love animals, crocheting (a new hobby), scrapbooking, and chatting with my friends. We met under odd circumstances but I wouldn't take that mess back for anything. I love my family and they are my rock. I believe God is in control of everything and so I try not to worry too much about things. It all works out in the end!