Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 12

My dad and me on the way to my doctor. Before we left the driveway I asked my dad if he wanted to be in my "photo a day" photo and he said sure, he had no idea I was taking this picture when I hit "Take Photo" on my phone. Thus, the unfitting expression on his face :) I combined two photos since I'm s...ort of hidden off camera in the left photo. It's been awhile since my dad has been able to drive, so it's weird being in the passenger seat with him in the car. Without so much pain meds in his system he's capable of operating machinery thanks to his nerve stimulator implant. He did a lot of driving today and I don't think he's had a single nap, which is incredible for him! If you didn't know he has a rare blood disease called Myelofibrosis that makes him weak and tired. Now that his nerve pain is under more control, he can slowly start becoming more active. It's great :)

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