Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crochet is in Stock

Crochet has arrived in my shop! I am still learning the craft but have learned enough to put a few things up in the store. So far I have the following items for sale:

3 100% cotton dish cloths/wash cloths

Four pink flowers

Large and Poofy Crochet Flower

I am super excited and have created a new account for when I have enough crochet product to put into the new store, kinetickatiescrochet. I am currently working on perfecting my flowers and learning how to make "scrubbies" (dish scrubbers), my dog's blanket, and multi-color wash/dish cloths.

In other news my allergies are out of control today. 10 Benadryl and tons of nasal spray haven't helped much at all. It's frustrating to say the least!

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