Monday, March 7, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 9

It's no secret I suffer from depression. It's a very severe case but thankfully my doctors have found a "cocktail" of meds that put me in the right place...they make me feel normal. Without them I am an empty shell. Some people say I should try other methods without all the medicine, but I am too frightened of stopping the medicine to even try. My life is barely existent without it. I am alive but am like a ghost...empty and lost. I won't go into details on what exactly I take, but the pills I am holding are a very important element in my treatment. It is a new drug in the United States and therefore has no generic form. It is $15 a pill here, so I go through a Canadian pharmacy to get the generic form. It ships from Germany so it takes awhile. Due to financial reasons I can't always order it at the right time, so at times I run out and my dad gets me samples from my doctor to hold me off until the medicine arrives. As of today I have been out of this particular medicine for 3 days and I have felt like crap. The doorbell rang today and I ran to the front door to make sure I got the delivery (I have to sign for it). I had a feeling it would come today, and I was right! I am not feeling much better yet since I just took it, but I should be feeling better by the end of the day. This medicine is a learning experience in takes about 12 days to arrive after ordering it, so I have to carefully plan when to get a refill. Lots of little things in life are big learning opportunities, so pay attention to what happens during your days!

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  1. Hi Katie,

    By chatting with you and that magnificent smile you've possess, I would never have imagined. I wish you well and that you find solace in whatever method you choose to help keep you feeling better.